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I also did a transparent version of hipster punks, you can use it however you want, but don’t  forget to credit me c:

i know the vitri route is disgusting but whenever I see the cgs out of context I can’t help but lose it??? like ok theyre having sex.. and a lion is there???? what the hell


when no one in class is ready for the test



lookit this grump-ass wedding photo

When her kiss transforms the Beast, she is furious.

"You should have warned me! Here I was smitten by an exceptional being, and all of a sudden, my fiance becomes an ordinary distinguished young man!"

the 1909 play Beauty and the Beast:  Fantasy in Two Acts by Fernand Noziere, the very first published version of the story where the Beauty is disappointed when the Beast transforms into a human at the end. (via corseque)

theres like 3 other jackies on my dash besides me, i get so confused all the time