kashima yuu in episode four, requested by anon.


tsuritama print that i will be selling at SMASH! :0


This is what my husband and I purchased at the grocery store the other day.

We don’t have kids.

We are adults. We pay bills.
And drink water from a whale.


i’m finally going to open up commissions! [slow fist pump]. all commissions will be drawn in the style range you see above. 

here’s what i won’t/can’t draw:
○ fanart. sorry, it must be your OC!
○ masculine males
○ mecha
○ porn

if interested, please contact me via email at emmy.online@hotmail.com OR via tumblr (although tumblr has a habit of eating asks)
the time is takes for me to complete each commission may vary, if it takes a lot longer than hoped for i will send you a message. payment will be via paypal under the same email as above, and full amount upfront is preferred! thank you♥♥♥

everything ive been drawing lately looks weird and wonky it makes me angry

fem!clear warmup :’)

fem!clear warmup :’)


The scans were too nice, I had to make this: have some transparent swimboys for your blog

(scanned/cleaned by me)



Tsuki.. Stop! xD

none gf with left feel